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Int 2 IS Homework – Tennis Essay

Please finish your tennis player essay for Tuesday 9th Feb

Homework: Wii Tennis Challenge, tennis scoring system

Find out why tennis uses an odd scoring system e.g. 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, Deuce etc.

Write a short paragraph to explain why this system is used.

Due Date: Tues 26 January

Homework: Tennis Information Systems

We are going to be looking at the functions of an organisational information system using the context of the Australian Open in tennis.

Tonight’s homework requires some research:

Who are the top 5 men’s tennis players in the world according to the Men’s Tennis ATP Rankings?

Who are the top 5 women’s tennis players in the world according to the Women’s Tennis ATP Rankings?

How do you think these rankings are calculated.

Homework is due for Wednesday 20th January
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