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S3 Intermediate 1 computing Self Assessment

It is that time again when students reflect upon their knowledge of the topics taught within the course.

The checklist allows for Green for full understanding, Amber for partial and Red for unclear!

Every pupil should target getting rid of those Red indicators!

Parents may want a copy of the lists to check their knowledge and understanding. Just ask!



Brad’sĀ  Cat hits the stage.

New lad Brad started his Forrester career with an early excellent production. His dancing and singing cat flowed around the stage as it’s limbsĀ changed colour and as an extra touch followed the mouse pointer.

Have a go at home!

S2 Intermediate 1 (Software Development)

We have now moved away from the Web page developments to look at some Games design programming.

We have revisited Scratch. The home site at is an excellent free resource to see over 800,000 finished projects. You can also download a version of the program and create your own project!

Standard Algorithms (Int 2/Higher)

This week marked the final week of classes before pupils headed off on study leave. The class began the week revising some of the high level programming constructs which they had learned in the programming unit.

The class also learned the 3 standard algorithms which they need to know a part of this course: Linear search; counting occurrences; and maximum / minimum:

The slides explaining each of these algorithms are included below: