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S2 Intermediate 1 Software Development

We have now extended our study to look at the IMPLEMENTATION stage of working with SCRATCH . Having carried out two tasks.

1. Creating a dance from the scratch. (No pun intended)

2. Adding Variables into a game to complete it.

the class reviewed which features were used within each of the following Scratch operations. (Motion, Looks, Sound, Control, Sensing, and Variables)

Homework: Maintenance (H/Int 2)

  1. Name and describe three types of maintenance.
  2. Which of the three maintenance activities generally has most time associated with it?
  3. Why is documentation of previous stages important at the maintenance stage?
  4. Describe how a programmer moving to a different company might affect maintenance.
  5. What is the potential impact on maintenance when an application is brand new?
  6. Apple announce the release a new operating system. In what way might this affect maintenance.
  7. What should advice would you give to a software development company to ensure that their programmers develop more maintainable code?

Homework is due for Wednesday 20th January
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Software Development: Testing, Documentation and Maintence

The class have spent most of the week studying three stages of the sofware development process, namely:




They also completed an online survey to self-evaluate their knowledge of Computer Systems. This allows us to focus on revising the areas where the most pupils are least confident. The class collaborated on a document, entering terms and phrases they were unsure of, which gave us the following 2 wordles:

Intermediate 2


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