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S2 Intermediate 1 Software Development

We have now extended our study to look at the IMPLEMENTATION stage of working with SCRATCH . Having carried out two tasks.

1. Creating a dance from the scratch. (No pun intended)

2. Adding Variables into a game to complete it.

the class reviewed which features were used within each of the following Scratch operations. (Motion, Looks, Sound, Control, Sensing, and Variables)


S1 working with Scratch

This week the class learned some of the basics of the Scratch programming environment. They have learned:

  • how to move the Scratch cat backwards and forwards
  • how to change it’s colour
  • how to work with different sprites
  • how to play a sound when a key is pressed.

S1 Games Design

The class have been looking at computer games design this week. They investigated a number of Scratch games in order to get an idea of the kind of game they could develop.

Their homework was to come up with their own game design.

Intro to Game Design

We spent the period talking about what makes a good computer game design. Next week we will be taking a look at Scratch and begin to design our own computer games.