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The Wii Tennis Challenge part 2

Both the Wii tennis tournaments (Australian Open and Wimbledon) are now finished. Well done to Andrew M for winning both.

However, this week the hard work began…

Information Systems – Gathering Data

The first job was for each Wii Tennis match official to email the results of the matches which they had recorded to the Wii Tennis Challenge Sports Desk. As well as each match result, match official also emailed the number of serves and aces scored by each player in the match. This allowed us to gather all of the data electronically at one central point.

Information Systems – Storing Data

The pupils created a spreadsheet of the data, and saved it to the server. This allowed us to look at how information is stored

Numeracy – Percentages

Pupils totalled the number of aces and the number of serves by each player. They used this information to calculate an overall percentage ace rate for each player

e.g. aces = 4, serves = 27
ace rate = 4 / 27 x 100 = 14.81%

Each pupil then added a formula to their spreadsheet to verify that they had correctly calculated the ace rate.

PE – investigation

For homework each pupil had to find out why the tennis scoring system is as it is.