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Wii Tennis Challenge

This week the class started the Wii Tennis Challenge. The purpose of this unit is to learn about the four processes of an organisational system in a way which is more engaging than usual.

The section began with 2 Wii Tennis tournaments taking place on 2 consecutive days (Australian Open and Wimbledon). Andrew (who won the Australian Open) has described the first day in our class blog, as has Euan who was the runner up.

Each match had a Wii Tennis Official whose job it was to email the score plus the total number of serves and aces for each game to the central news desk. This illustrated one way that information can be gathered.

Next week we will be looking at how we can store, process and output the information which was gathered.

There will also be exercises which link the project in with other subjects:

Calculating percentages (which player had the best %age ace rate)
Formulae (calculate a Wii Tennis Ranking for each player)

Writing an informative essay

Researching the tennis scoring system

The slides we used in class are shown below: