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Exam preparation for S3 -S6

The Easter holiday traditionally has been the time Scottish pupils ‘bite the bullet’ and settle into a regime of personal study for the SQA exams.

In Computing we look for students to show some common sense! A few minutes, as often as possible, spent going over the Units of work, noting down any topics or features they are not sure about so they can discuss after the holiday with their teacher.

Make use of the Internet as well as their notes with visits to Revise computing and Bitesize as well as other school based sites.

The Bogs and Wikis will also help.


S3 Info Systems – How the Internet works

We have been looking at the more technical aspects of the Internet this week, including:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area Network
  • Intranets
  • Protocols
  • TCP/IP

CommonCraft are renowned for producing simple and effective videos which get the point across. This one, titled “The world wide web in plain English” summarises a number of the things we have been learning:

S3 Info Systems – The Internet

This week the class started work on the final unit of the course – The Internet. They began the week by looking at the history of the internet, finding out that the internet came from a network developed by the US Defense Agency.

They also learned about the difference between The Internet and The World Wide Web, and the role which Sir Tim Berners-Lee played in the development of the latter.

S3 Information Systems

The class have been continuing on their coursework. Thursday was the last day to complete the work in class time, so any pupils who still have work to do need to do it either at lunchtimes or after school in the Computing department.
Part of the coursework required image editing software. The class have been using pixlr which is a completely free online image editing tool with much of the functionality of PhotoShop.

S3 Info Systems – Coursework

This week the class started their Information Systems coursework. This is an open-book assessment which is used to assess each pupil’s practical skills. The coursework accounts for 30% of the overall course mark.

Database assessments

The class have been finishing off their database work this week. On Tuesday they all sat a multiple choice NAB test which everyone passed.

They have started work on a short task which takes them through every stage of a database project, from design to implementation.

Homework: Database Reports (Int 2 IS)

ToyStore-y supply toy shops with large orders of toys and games.  Every order is logged in their database.  Fields include:

  • Customer ID
  • Contact Name
  • Shop Name
  • Shop Address
  • Order ID
  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Size
  • Product Weight
  • Product Price

(a) Design a report layout which could be used as an invoice for the customer

(b) Design a report layout which would be suitable for a manager who wants a summary of sales orders

Note that for (a) and (b) you do not need to include every field.

Homework is due for Tuesday 19th January
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