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Int 2 and Higher Computing Blogroll

All of our Intermediate 2 and Higher Computing pupils maintain their own blog, which is updated weekly with what they have learned in the week.  The following is a blogroll of all our senior pupil blogs.

Intermediate 2 Computing Blogs

Higher Computing Blogs

S4-6 Coursework

Computing is a practical subject, and a number of our courses are partly assessed by a practical coursework task.  These courses are shown below, together with the percentage of the final mark which the coursework component is worth:

  • Advanced Higher Computing (40%)
  • Higher Computing (30%)
  • Higher Information Systems (30%)
  • Int 2 Computing (30%)
  • Int 2 Information Systems (30%)

All senior pupils will be working on their coursework tasks when they return from study leave (w/c 7 Feb), and  the week following the February holiday (w/c 21 Feb).


Image: Computer Testing by kodomut

Exam preparation for S3 -S6

The Easter holiday traditionally has been the time Scottish pupils ‘bite the bullet’ and settle into a regime of personal study for the SQA exams.

In Computing we look for students to show some common sense! A few minutes, as often as possible, spent going over the Units of work, noting down any topics or features they are not sure about so they can discuss after the holiday with their teacher.

Make use of the Internet as well as their notes with visits to Revise computing and Bitesize as well as other school based sites.

The Bogs and Wikis will also help.

Int 2 and Higher Computing

For the past 2 weeks, the class have been working on their coursework submissons. Today was the final day for completing this in class time, and from Tuesday we will go back to the final section of the Artificial Intelligence unit.

Int 2 / Higher Coursework

The Int 2 / H pupils are working on a coursework task which accounts for 30% of their overall mark.  The task is split into 2 sections: a systems investigation – specifying a set of appropriate components for a particular client requirement, and a software development solution – designing and implementing a computer program to meet a specific problem

Standard Algorithms (Int 2/Higher)

This week marked the final week of classes before pupils headed off on study leave. The class began the week revising some of the high level programming constructs which they had learned in the programming unit.

The class also learned the 3 standard algorithms which they need to know a part of this course: Linear search; counting occurrences; and maximum / minimum:

The slides explaining each of these algorithms are included below:

Homework: High Level Languages

Complete Q3-6 (Int 2) or Q3-8 (Higher) of High Level Languages Exerise 1 on the wiki: