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Exam preparation for S3 -S6

The Easter holiday traditionally has been the time Scottish pupils ‘bite the bullet’ and settle into a regime of personal study for the SQA exams.

In Computing we look for students to show some common sense! A few minutes, as often as possible, spent going over the Units of work, noting down any topics or features they are not sure about so they can discuss after the holiday with their teacher.

Make use of the Internet as well as their notes with visits to Revise computing and Bitesize as well as other school based sites.

The Bogs and Wikis will also help.


S3 Computing Intermediate1 Web pages

We have been working with Web authoring programs such as Weebly, Webs, and iWeb.

It is however worth studying some HTML code to see how pages are developed from the coding. Try this link. HTML Demo

Int 1 (S3) Computing

The class are closing in quickly on the finishing NABs. Some students have now passed their last Multiple choice test and are gathering together the last pieces of evidence.

No, they are not like this pair !

The students have promised to finish the course with good grades.

Self Assessment with Xtranormal

Classes this week have had a chance to ‘animate’ some interesting conversations!

Using Xtranormal and working mostly in pairs we looked at our recent work in ICT classes and also to the future.

  Its fun! If you can log in at home and enjoy creating your movies!

S3 Intermediate 1 computing Self Assessment

It is that time again when students reflect upon their knowledge of the topics taught within the course.

The checklist allows for Green for full understanding, Amber for partial and Red for unclear!

Every pupil should target getting rid of those Red indicators!

Parents may want a copy of the lists to check their knowledge and understanding. Just ask!

S3 Intermediate 1 Computing

The Software development sessions are nearing completion.

The class are close to finishing a fully developed Scratch program. They should now allow classmates to examine their work.

We wont document this work (from a SD view) but will now look forward with ideas for future projects.

As a contrasting activity we have looked at The ICT working environment.

This covers Legislation (ACTS), ergonomics and health and Safety issues.

S3 Intermediate 1 Coursework task

Most of the class are near to completing the task set by the SQA.

It is now important to check all draft copies of the work, revamp anything that is incorrect and then present the tasks correctly!