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S1 Present with PREZI

Who needs Powerpoint!

This online presentation package is available in an education program free to use!

Look at some of the Showcase  projects for some great ideas.

S1 ICT Xtranormal Easter Competition

It was an amazing effort put in by two of our classes this week as they created their Text to Movie animations.

A number of winners walked away with their Easter eggs but it was such a difficult decision for the judges to decide which presentations deserved the awards.

Brilliant effort all round!

What is Computing? S1 course choice

S1 pupils are currently deciding which courses to take in S2/3. The Computing department are offering Computing at Intermediate 1 / Intermediate 2.

Here is a short movie short  highlighting some of the interesting projects we wil be doing over the 2 years.

Self Assessment with Xtranormal

Classes this week have had a chance to ‘animate’ some interesting conversations!

Using Xtranormal and working mostly in pairs we looked at our recent work in ICT classes and also to the future.

  Its fun! If you can log in at home and enjoy creating your movies!


Brad’s  Cat hits the stage.

New lad Brad started his Forrester career with an early excellent production. His dancing and singing cat flowed around the stage as it’s limbs changed colour and as an extra touch followed the mouse pointer.

Have a go at home!

S1 ICT (1T1 and 1R1)

This week we have made a start with investigating Computer Game Design.

The classes had a chance to look at previously created projects in Scratch. They have been made aware of the Web site . This site has over 800, 000 projects uploaded on it! If you can it worth a lookand maybe you would like to download the free version of Scratch. Over the next few weeks we will learn some basic skills.