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S1 Present with PREZI

Who needs Powerpoint!

This online presentation package is available in an education program free to use!

Look at some of the Showcase  projects for some great ideas.

S1 ICT Xtranormal Easter Competition

It was an amazing effort put in by two of our classes this week as they created their Text to Movie animations.

A number of winners walked away with their Easter eggs but it was such a difficult decision for the judges to decide which presentations deserved the awards.

Brilliant effort all round!

S2 Computing Intermediate 1 Unit 3

Computers and the Internet

Although the class has covered much of this unit through exercises and tasks, we now move onto the formal topics within this Unit.

One of the major tasks involves comparing specifications of Hardware by sourcing these on-line at large suppliers. PC World and other companies allow us to investigate Input devices, Systems, Output devices, and Backing storage devices without going into the shops.


Yes it is time for the S2 exam 26/3/10.

A little extra study will go a long way to making sure the students pass this tes!

S3 Computing Intermediate1 Web pages

We have been working with Web authoring programs such as Weebly, Webs, and iWeb.

It is however worth studying some HTML code to see how pages are developed from the coding. Try this link. HTML Demo

What is Computing? S1 course choice

S1 pupils are currently deciding which courses to take in S2/3. The Computing department are offering Computing at Intermediate 1 / Intermediate 2.

Here is a short movie short  highlighting some of the interesting projects we wil be doing over the 2 years.

Int 1 (S3) Computing

The class are closing in quickly on the finishing NABs. Some students have now passed their last Multiple choice test and are gathering together the last pieces of evidence.

No, they are not like this pair !

The students have promised to finish the course with good grades.

Int 2 and Higher Computing

For the past 2 weeks, the class have been working on their coursework submissons. Today was the final day for completing this in class time, and from Tuesday we will go back to the final section of the Artificial Intelligence unit.