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S3 Intermediate 1 computing Self Assessment

It is that time again when students reflect upon their knowledge of the topics taught within the course.

The checklist allows for Green for full understanding, Amber for partial and Red for unclear!

Every pupil should target getting rid of those Red indicators!

Parents may want a copy of the lists to check their knowledge and understanding. Just ask!


How to make stopframe movies

Interested in stopframe movies, and how to make them?

Then take a look at this website developed by digital storytelling guru Kevin Hodgson.

Int 2 / Higher Coursework

The Int 2 / H pupils are working on a coursework task which accounts for 30% of their overall mark.  The task is split into 2 sections: a systems investigation – specifying a set of appropriate components for a particular client requirement, and a software development solution – designing and implementing a computer program to meet a specific problem

S3 Information Systems

The class have been continuing on their coursework. Thursday was the last day to complete the work in class time, so any pupils who still have work to do need to do it either at lunchtimes or after school in the Computing department.
Part of the coursework required image editing software. The class have been using pixlr which is a completely free online image editing tool with much of the functionality of PhotoShop.

S2 Information Systems

This week the class have been looking at the some of the strategies which need to be considered when implementing an electronic organisational information system. Pupils need to know, and be able to give details on the following strategies:

  • Network strategy
  • Security strategy
  • Backup and Recovery strategy
  • Upgrade strategy
  • Software strategy

We split the class into 2 business and each business had to work out their own strategies.  This was a great exercise and the pupils worked really well on it.

S1 Maths and MangaHigh

MangaHigh is a great new Maths games website. Forrester is one of 10 schools in Scotland who are piloting this new resource.

Pupils taking part should complete the following two surveys:

Quick Maths Test

Attitude to Maths

S3 Intermediate 1 Computing

The Software development sessions are nearing completion.

The class are close to finishing a fully developed Scratch program. They should now allow classmates to examine their work.

We wont document this work (from a SD view) but will now look forward with ideas for future projects.

As a contrasting activity we have looked at The ICT working environment.

This covers Legislation (ACTS), ergonomics and health and Safety issues.